To the Career-Minded Girls like Me




To the Career-Minded girls like me,

I know how hard it is when the realization hits you that adventure may not be in your blood after all.

I know how heartbreaking it may be when you come to the conclusion that there are more important things for you than taking trips to Mexico for spring break and “making memories” that you won’t even remember.

I know the feeling when you wake up Monday morning before the sun to get ready for your 40 hour workweek and think to yourself, “is this it?”, while you send the text to your friend telling them you can’t go to the movie tonight because you have to work.

I know.

But I also know the fire you have in your heart and the eagerness to get stuff done. I have that fire and eagerness, too.

I know the finish line that you have in your head that keeps you going to your multiple jobs everyday instead of to the lake with your friends to kick back with a beer. I have that finish line too.

I know the endless amount of work you’ve put into your multiple jobs since you were freshly 16-years-old, and haven’t stopped since. I’ve put in that work too.

I know the feeling of emptiness you feel when you look outside your office window at the summer sunshine knowing you won’t ever feel it today except for in the car on your drive to your second job. I feel that emptiness too.

I know.

But I will also know how you’regoing to feel a year from now when you have your diploma in hand and a job lined up right away.

I will know the feeling you will have when you wake up before the sun to get ready for the career you love and have the eagerness to get there and get started.

I too, will know the feeling of satisfaction when you get to drive your new car that you bought yourself and park it in the driveway of the house you own.

We will know.

And we will know thesefeelings because of the hard work we put in now, and didn’t put off until it was too late.

We will know because instead of “living while we’re young” we will get to live for the rest of our lives, exactly how we want it.

We will know the feeling of pride when we look back at our youth and not feel bad about the missed opportunities to adventure, but look back with a smile because now we can have an adventure whenever we want.

There will be no regrets at our hard work that we put in now.

We will succeed. We will conquer. We will go places.

Keep grinding, Career-Minded Girl. The best is yet to come.





Author: Mal Williamson

Hi I'm Mal (short for Malorie). I'm a senior at the University of Wyoming studying journalism and professional writing. Colorado native, I'm a firm believer in the outdoors and will find any excuse to be on a horse. I'm rarely alone, as I usually have my boyfriend of almost 4 years by my side, and if you can't find us hiking up the nearest mountain we are usually at a taco place ordering one of everything. If I'm unable to fulfill my lifelong dream of being an actress on SNL, hopefully you'll be reading my articles in the local newspaper someday.

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