Big Changes

This is the post excerpt.


I’ve started this blog as a personal project with 3 reasons in mind:

  1. ┬áTo use as a way to express my sarcasm in a healthy way that likely won’t offend others
  2. As a way to keep my writing fresh and my interest peaked
  3. To have something to add to my currently useless/nonexistent portfolio**


**Most important reason.


It will soon become clear that not only am I a girl with a plan, but I am also a girl who has that plan carefully written out in a well organized list.

I. Love. Lists.

I love the organization of lists, the clarity of them, and the satisfaction of crossing off completed tasks.

Every Monday I list out my week on my nerdy little whiteboard that I have sitting on my desk. I write down the homework I have to do, the classes I can’t miss, and the miscellaneous tasks that I need to get accomplished in the next seven days. I recently started doing this in college when I noticed that (*spoiler alert*) college is very busy and you can’t always remember everything you have to do by memory. Especially when you’ve somehow signed yourself up for 16 credit hours, Bible study, and being an officer on the Equestrian Team, all while trying to juggle a social life, drink enough water, work out, and still sleep for 8 hours a night.

Nothing gives me as much satisfaction as crossing off the last thing I needed to do on my list and having no responsibilities for a solid 20 minutes before something else comes up that must be done.

The thing about my beloved lists that I love so much is the fact that everything on them is planned. I know what I need to do, how I’m going to do it, and when it will be done. This is how my brain properly functions. There’s a catch, though.

*Spoiler alert*

Life doesn’t always work that way.

Before life decided to hit me square in the face with unplanned circumstances when I started college, I thought that life worked liked lists. Events happened in the correct chronological order, deadlines were always met, and rarely would unexpected things come up. I was wrong.

I have learned quickly – and harshly – that though my lists may be good reminders of things that I need to do, life doesn’t always follow them in the ideal order.

Sometimes Monday night practices go a lot longer than anticipated and now I have to stay up until the wee hours of the night to finish homework.

Sometimes the student that was supposed to meet me for their tutoring session never shows up and an hour of my precious time has now been wasted when I could’ve been doing a million other things to get ahead.

Other times you get a phone call from your boss for the summer saying that they’ve been fired and now you’re out of a job and internship that was going to allow you to graduate an entire year early.

Sometimes a change in plan is small and no big deal. Other times it’s huge and potentially life changing.

What do I do in almost all situations, though? Panic.

Anyone who knows me will agree in an instant that I love to worry. I like to think it’s my true favorite hobby. I worry about every little detail. If one thing is not perfect how is it going to affect me? Probably a lot and now I’m doomed forever.

Looking back at roughly the past three or so months, changes in plans have increased dramatically in my life. It started with registration for fall classes. Turns out I only need 36 more credits to graduate, and I’ve only been in school for two years. My advisor saw this and ran with it (maybe a little too quickly if you ask me) and within two minutes of sitting in his office I was hearing words like “graduation” and “spring” and “one more year”. This was a change in plan I wasn’t expecting.

To wrap things up before I start to ramble about my life story in one post, here’s what you can expect from me:

  1. A lot of panicking
  2. Big changes in school
  3. Big changes in jobs
  4. Potentially big changes in relationships
  5. More panicking


Stay tuned, this is about to get really interesting.


Author: Mal Williamson

Hi I'm Mal (short for Malorie). I'm a senior at the University of Wyoming studying journalism and professional writing. Colorado native, I'm a firm believer in the outdoors and will find any excuse to be on a horse. I'm rarely alone, as I usually have my boyfriend of almost 4 years by my side, and if you can't find us hiking up the nearest mountain we are usually at a taco place ordering one of everything. If I'm unable to fulfill my lifelong dream of being an actress on SNL, hopefully you'll be reading my articles in the local newspaper someday.

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